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Avert Your Eyes

by Mitszell

It’s Darth Vader in a Speedo.  Why is it Darth Vader in a Speedo?  Well, because someone was lamenting the fact that that there are thousands of Leia half-naked in (pretty much) her underwear type pictures on the internet but not one Vader in a pinup pose type picture. 

And honestly, I was bored. 

So here you go internet, Vader in all his scarred up, cybernetic, half-naked glory.

You’re welcome.






For every Slave Leia memorabilia piece (action figure, doll, trading card, etc.), I want a main male Star Wars character in a speedo collectible

I want male Darth Vader in a speedo posed in a pinup. 


So I just did a quick Google search Darth Vader in a speedo figure.

nothing just normal Vader statues.

then I typed Leia Figurine. 

Second image is a slave Leia figurine.


I’m sure at least one of my followers has to be a good enough artist/cosplayer/photographer/something to make this happen.

Because I can.

I wonder what it must be like to just walk out into the sunlight without experiencing blinding pain lancing from my eyes to the core of my brain. Like seriously, can I just have one day where I don’t need sunglasses just to exist comfortably in the daylight.

Photophobia is a bitch.

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