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I wonder what it must be like to just walk out into the sunlight without experiencing blinding pain lancing from my eyes to the core of my brain. Like seriously, can I just have one day where I don’t need sunglasses just to exist comfortably in the daylight.

Photophobia is a bitch.


if i see one more post shaming people about not being vegetarian on my dash i’m literally gonna scream like wHAT THE FUCK

People who do this really bug me.  I was a vegetarian for a short while and as a result my B-12 completely bottomed out.  Even now, years later with eating meat, taking supplements and even having B-12 injections has not been enough to get my B-12 levels higher then the very low end of the “normal” range.  My body just doesn’t process or hold onto B-12 like it should, which as it turns out is really, really important for being healthy and alive.  

Which is why is makes me so mad when I get “animal rights” people telling everyone who isn’t a vegetarian how terribly they are.  Seriously, people, you should never shame anyone for their diet because you don’t know anything about their health, or their history.  Step back for a moment and realize not everyone has the same dietary requirements.

Also, acting like a judgmental jerk is a terrible way to convince people to join your cause. 

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